Consulting 2.0

The last few years were hard on many businesses, stressful and for some was destructive.

Several business had to let go few of their teams and shifted the investment into using consulting firms such as KANATA GC.

At the same time, we had to evolve to meet the changing needs and even the no norm of working with our clients virtually. So, we developed our own consulting 2.0 process.

Three simple points with a major impact on how we deliver our consulting services to our clients:


With KANATA GConsulting 2.0 we did leverage our strengths in building solid client relationships and being a trusted brand to create our on-demand virtual offerings as a complement to our onsite traditional business. This model means acting as an online problem-solving hub delivering the best service to suit our client’s needs. In addition, we do provide regular advisory support to make sure long-term goals are met.


While people and expertise may be plentiful, that’s not the case for excellent execution. KANATA GConsulting 2.0 service do offer follow-through and even take execution responsibilities through a shared service model. This could go beyond being an outsourcer to actually embed adaptable and skilled consultants and tools directly into the client’s business process.


KANATA GConsulting 2.0 services focus on addressing long-term projects and needs instead of short-term contracts that deal with a specific issue. We help clients build strategic capabilities to ensure competitiveness. One way to do this is by training the client's team to do the work themselves.

As an example, KANATA GC will not just draw up a Customer Centric strategy or a Customer Relationship Management plan based on the client’s needs and then walk away, rather we will give the client's team the tools to set the successful process to become somewhat proficient in their own right.

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